A5200 Metric Cylindrical Roller Radial Bearing FAQS

QWhat's the cage of Cylindrical roller bearing ?

AThe main cage types are described in Components and materials. Additionally, information about standard cages, and possible cage options, for a particular bearing type is given in the relevant product section. If a bearing with a non­-standard cage is required, check availability before ordering. Given the specific functional demands and quantity of bearings being manufactured, the material and manufacturing methods are chosen to provide the most reliable and cost-effective cage. Cages are mechanically stressed during bearing operation by frictional, impact, centrifugal and inertial forces. They can also be chemically influenced by certain organic solvents or coolants, lubricants, and lubricant additives. Therefore, the material type used for a cage has a significant influence on the suitability of a rolling bearing for a particular application.

QWhat about steel cage ?

ASteel cages can be used at operating temperatures up to 300 °C (570 °F). Sheet steel cages Stamped sheet steel cages are made of low carbon steel. These lightweight cages have relatively high strength and, for some bearing types, can be surface treated to further reduce friction and wear in critical conditions. Machined steel cages Machined steel cages are normally made of non-alloyed structural steel. To reduce friction and wear, some machined steel cages are surface treated.

QWhat is brass cage ?

ABrass cages can be used at operating temperatures up to 250 °C (480 °F). Sheet brass cages Stamped sheet brass cages are used for some small and medium­-size bearings. In applications such as refrigeration compressors that use ammonia, machined brass or steel cages should be used.

QWhat is Polymer cages ?

APolyamide 66 Polyamide 66 (PA66) is the most commonly used material for injection moulded cages. This material, with or without glass fibres, is characterized by a favourable combination of strength and elasticity. The mechanical properties, such as strength and elasticity, of polymer materials are temperature dependent and subject to ageing. The factors that most influence the ageing process are temperature, time and the medium (lubricant) to which the polymer is exposed Polyamide 46 Glass fibre reinforced polyamide 46 (PA46) is the standard cage material for some small and medium-­size CARB toroidal roller bearings. The permissible operating temperature is 15 °C (25 °F) higher than for glass fibre reinforced PA66